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Scream After Dark (MTV)

Scream After Dark

Morgan Evans and I created the show (similar to the Teen Wolf After After Show but on TV), wrote and produced each of the three half-hour episodes that aired after Scream.

A hilarious and irreverent TV show companion to MTV's Scream that completely re-invents the idea of an after-show. Instead of having a bunch of people sit around and dissect the episode that you just watched, we created a late night/sketch show hybrid to show the cast and world of Scream in a totally new light. You get inside looks at each episode and how it was made, as well as behind the scenes glimpses of your favorite actors, all guided by the incredible hosting of Jeffery Self

(Sorry these won't auto-play - I hate it too. Let's complain to MTV and the Weinsteins. If you pay for cable try here.)



Before the launch of MTV's 'SCREAM' TV Series, I was hired to co-write, direct and produce a parody video to address the negative hype around the launch, along with Jodi Lennon, Morgan Evans and Patrick Cummings. We filmed a fake "behind the scenes" featurette complete with melodramatic acting, fake show footage and terrible puns. The idea was to feed the ire of the haters who said MTV would butcher the show by giving them a taste of what they feared the most. This is "SCRIM".